Yoram Yasur Blume: Why some sounds feel rough in our ears?


Yoram Yasur Blume | It is likely that on more than one occasion it has happened to you: you hear a high-pitched sound and you experience a deep shock. You are overcome by a feeling of unconscious and visceral rejection. This reaction is known as dentine or thiria and occurs before a stimulus that our nervous system catalogs as negative.

In fact, there are different everyday situations that make us close our eyes. And cover our ears to try to silence that sound that bothers us. Some of the most common sounds that provoke this rejection are:

  • The dragging of a chalk or fingernails on the blackboard
  • The clash between two metals
  • The friction of the sole of the shoe against the ground
  • Swipe your finger on an inflated balloon
  • Biting a piece of ice
  • Polish your nails
  • A cover that scratches the bottom of the plate

The frequency range we label as “rough and painful”:

For decades’ researchers have tried to find the cause of the dentine or thiria. Now we know that most of the most unpleasant sounds. For the human ear occur between 2 and 4 kHz. A frequency range that we consider “rough” and that looks like the eighth highest piano.

Investigated by researchers at the University of Vienna. Who tried to slightly vary the sound of different noises classified as unpleasant. Like passing the nails on a blackboard or a fork scraping a dish, to find the frequencies considered more “painful”. Some of these sounds were attenuated and others were amplified.

While participants were exposed to these stimuli. They also measured changes in their heart rate blood pressure and skin conductance. Three indicators of stress. Thus, the researchers found that, indeed. The sounds that cause that visceral rejection are between 2 and 4 kHz.

Why does this frequency cause such a visceral reaction?

To understand why these sounds make us instinctively cover our ears. And produce chills we must know what happens in the brain. The answer comes from neuroscientists at the University of Newcastle. Who scanned the brain of 13 people exposed to different types of sounds.

Thus, they discovered that the more unpleasant the sounds, the more the amygdala was activated. Yoram Yasur Blume: “The amygdala is a kind of sentinel that keeps us alert to possible dangers, unleashing a very intense emotional response to rejection. The auditory cortex was then activated to perform a deeper analysis of the sounds, which made the sound perceived even more sharply and intensified the emotional reaction”.

As a curious note, people rated the sound of a knife on a glass bottle as the most unpleasant, followed by a fork on a plate and a chalk on a blackboard. However, the interesting thing is that some of the acoustic characteristics of our voice fall within this frequency band. So how can those sounds be so unpleasant to us?

At this point, the Viennese researchers started the second part of their experiment.

They made the participants listen to those unpleasant sounds. But half of them told them what they would hear. And the other half cheated them by telling them they would listen to a piece of contemporary music.

Thus, they perceived that, irrespective of the subjective perception of the sounds. The physiological indicators of stress were altered in all the people. This supports the theory that sounds within the range of 2 and 4 kHz trigger an aversive reaction due to a special vulnerability of our hearing.

“In practice, everything seems to indicate that our auditory passages evolved to precisely prioritize this range of frequency. So that we could distinguish the crying of a baby or the human voice from other environmental sounds. That is why, as our ears are more sensitive. They also react more intensely to some of the noises that are precisely in that frequency range”.

Yoram Yasur Blume: 6 diabetes signs you need to know

Yoram diabetes-signs

Yoram Yasur Blume | At present, it is estimated that this disease affects more than 422 million people worldwide. What is diabetes? It is a condition that occurs when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. Or when the body does not take advantage of it effectively. What about its main symptoms?

1. Feeling intense thirst:

When there is too much sugar in your blood. The brain will try to avoid these high concentrations by diluting the thick liquid around it. To do this, you will use the water from other cells, which will favor your dehydration and make you feel a more intense thirst.

2. You go too often to the bathroom:

Of course if you are drinking a lot of water, it is logical that you also go to the bathroom more often. Your kidneys are working harder to dilute blood sugar, so they are processing much more water. And this one has to go out somewhere!

3. Fatigue and weakness:

When the glucose in food does not reach the cells, they are running out of energy. And that’s why you feel fatigue and weakness. But not only that, but you are also likely to feel hungry all the time. Because your body still needs a source of energy that does not reach.

4. Numbness and tingling in the hands or feet:

Although it may be a long time before you feel numbness and tingling in your hands or feet. It is one of the symptoms of diabetes. Yoram Yasur Blume: “Because a blood full of sugar damages the nerve endings of the hands, legs and feet which is why you have these feelings of numbness and tingling”.

5. Blurred vision:

To the extent that the body needs to continue to dilute sugar in body fluids. It will continue to use fluids all over the body to do so. And one of those sites from which your body will take the fluid you need are the eyes, which causes blurred vision.

Vaginal and bladder infections:

Suffering from frequent vaginal and bladder infections is also linked to diabetes, especially in women.

“The problem is that they are usually resistant infections that are difficult to eliminate completely. And come back again and again”.

Now that you know these diabetes-warning signs, you can be better prepared to recognize and act on time. And beware of these signs. If you are concerned about having diabetes go with the doctor as soon as you can to treat it in an early stage!

Yoram Yasur Blume: 7 powerful ways to trust you and feel more security

yoram yasur trust-feel-security

Yoram Yasur Blume | Confidence in yourself is essential to achieve happiness. Also, if we are unsure of ourselves, it will be very difficult for anyone else to trust us. Why trust someone who does not trust himself? Although, our way of being and our gestures, give that information to other persons.

Maybe many loved ones want to trust you, but you may be giving them the wrong message.

Trust yourself, be happy, good things will happen to you! Start with …

Think positive:

There is a simple rule that we should keep in mind: if we think negative, we attract negative things. If we think positive, everything will be the contrary. Change your thinking, instead of saying NO, say YES. Transform your prayers! Better to say: “I am likely to achieve it” to “I do not know if I can do it.”

Basically, it’s the same thought, what changes is the perspective.

Caring of your body language:

Our position says a lot about us. Wrong body language can generate some negativity in us and that prevent us from being safe. Stand tall, walk briskly, smile… with small acts you can improve your body language and feel more confident.

Get prepared:

“If you’re ready for something, there are many more chances you get it right. Also, if you have more knowledge you will feel safer and have greater desire to meet the challenge”.

Rest well:

A good rest is essential to feel safe. When we sleep little, our mood is affected and it is very likely that things go wrong with us. And if this happens, we will not feel safe and will not want to return to doing them. Rest and cut this vicious circle.

Exercise 30 minutes a day:

Exercise will help you feel good about yourself and your body. In addition, the training we release the hormone of happiness. How can we not feel good as well?

Celebrate achievements:

For the minutest achievement, if only it is an achievement it is worth celebrating! Enjoy the journey and celebrating your progress is another way to increase your confidence.

Breathe deeply:

Breathing is much more important than we think. Yoram Yasur Blume: “When we feel insecure and unreliable. We just have to stop and breathe deeply”. Everything will be clearer and you will feel much safer.

From these simple but powerful ways you can regain your confidence and feel a greater security. Are you ready?

Yoram Yasur Blume: 9 effective ways to speed up your metabolism according to science


Yoram Yasur Blume | My metabolism changed radically after I grew up. I’m not a teenager anymore, I can’t lose weight easily and, above all. I cannot eat anything I please and remain skinny.

If I do, my body will take its toll on my health and me. Before we start, what is metabolism?

It is the process that turns what we eat into energy. This is central to all our health and allows us, for example, digesting aliments.

Do you suspect that your metabolism is slow? These tips can help you…


In case you still do not know … sleeping is very important for our health. And we talk about speeding up metabolism, talk to rest well. According to science sleep deprivation equals inevitably to have a slow metabolism.

Drinking green tea:

It is not only delicious, it’s also very good for your health. It can help speed up metabolism and also has no calories.

Do not skip breakfast:

Before doing the best to sleep more, and if that means skipping breakfast, of course. However, science has proven that for a better metabolism you need to eat breakfast, even if it eating something small.

Lift weights:

“The gym can help us greatly in our task to speed up metabolism. Specifically, lifting weights can be very favorable, as long as you do not exceed the weight that your body can tolerate”.

Drink a lot of water:

Drinking water is very good for our health and for our metabolism: eight or more glasses per day are needed to speed it up.

Season food well:

Do you dare to put more red pepper to your meals? Try it, according to science it can be very good to speed up metabolism.

Perform cardio exercises:

There are no excuses for not cycling. 45 minutes of exercise can help the metabolic rate for more than 12 hours.

Correctly choosing foods:

To your healthy having a diet it is necessary to incorporate some foods that speed up metabolism. Yoram Yasur Blume: “When choosing your daily meals, then try to add other foods such as tuna or pommel. In this way, you will not only eat healthy but also help you will help your metabolism”.

Laugh a lot:

With just 10 minutes of laughter a day you can generate more energy than usual and speed up your metabolism.
Although, ten minutes seems so little to me, how about more? It not only makes us happier but it will help greatly to our health.

Do you have a slow metabolism? These tips will help you accelerate it and enjoy a better health.

Yoram Yasur Blume: Natural remedies to heal wounds


Yoram Yasur Blume | When we injure our skin by a scratch, cut, i.e., we get a wound. Our skin goes through a healing process in which tissues are regenerated covering this lesion to restore integrity to the skin. However, the healing process often depends on several factors. And of course, we always want to speed recovery.

Why sometimes it takes time to close a wound?

The speed with which a wound heals can be affected by several factors, among which we can distinguish the following:

• Poor nutrition: Lack of certain nutrients such as vitamins A, C and Zinc.
• Certain diseases: diabetes, hypertension, obesity and overall metabolic type diseases.
• Age: The skin loses elasticity and its ability to regenerate is usually less.
• Medications: Some drugs can slow down the healing process.
• Smoking: Studies have shown that smoking can worsen the health of the skin and impair its ability to heal because this habit affects blood flow.
• Stress: It can affect the production of collagen and thus delay healing.

Natural Remedies to accelerate healing:

Accelerate the healing process is possible with some natural remedies, however, the following remedies should never be used in recent, open or deep wounds without discussing it with your doctor. It is advisable to apply these remedies only when the healing process has begun.


“Natural honey can promote healing by promoting skin regeneration. Also the product of bees is excellent to prevent infection”. To reap the benefits of honey, you must be sure that it is natural honey, not an imitation, nor adulterated honey.

To treat the wound, it must be cleaned and dried well, once the wound is clean. Apply some honey using a sterile gauze and cover with it, leaving it on.

Aloe Vera:

A plant with many healing properties for the skin, is an excellent remedy to promote wound healing. To use aloe Vera you must cut a piece of the plant and remove the gel or applied directly on the pulp in the wound. Allow to dry and act for about 30 minutes, then rinse the wound. We repeat twice daily.


Onions stimulate blood circulation and can promote healing, and to apply we must prepare onion juice.

Liquefy half an onion with a couple of tablespoons of honey and the resulting paste we will apply in the lesion.

Leaving it on for an hour before removing it with a little water. It is advisable to repeat two to three times during the day.


Chamomile tea is recommended to soothe the skin and can be used to promote wound healing.

However, this remedy should be applied only in wounds whose healing process is advanced.

Prepare a cup of chamomile tea and let cool in the refrigerator preferably, after using a sterile gauze. We apply a way to compress on the wound.


Yoram Yasur Blume: “Garlic components make it an ideal remedy to prevent infections, as it contains natural antibacterial properties. We can make a honey garlic preparation, crushing a clove of garlic with a couple of tablespoons of honey”. Apply honey garlic on the wound and let rest for no more than half an hour. Garlic can be irritating to the skin so it should not be left too long on the treatment area.

White vinegar:

To prevent infection and keep the wound clean we can use white vinegar. Dilute a tablespoon of white vinegar in a quart of water and apply daily with a sterile gauze. This remedy is not recommended for open wounds, but wounds in healing process. You may experience some stinging or itching in the wound when applied.

Yoram Yasur Blume: 4 habits that make your life much more complicated, and they’re very easy to remove!


Yoram Yasur Blume | There are little things that can make us very happy and make life easier, but there is also “details” that can complicate it. Identifying them is the first step and the second step is to end them. And you know what’s best of all? It is very easy to remove them from your daily life.

No.1 Having your smartphone with sound:

Tirin, tirin … tirin, tirin. The sound and vibration your smartphone has may be interfering a lot in your daily life. The concentration it is greatly affected by our smartphone so if you want to have a more effective day all you have to do is just put it on a lower volume or un a less sensitive vibration mode, so you won´t be able to check your phone every time it sounds and get distracted.

No. 2 Not resting:

Rest is essential for a day to be really productive. In addition, fatigue can play us a trick in our health. It would be ideal (or at least what I love to do every afternoon) to take a nap everyday no more than half an hour or so, but for those who work and study is almost impossible. What to do then? Each time mentally rests for 15 minutes your body will thank you!

No.3 Eating junk food at work:

We know that junk food is bad for our health, right? Well, work mixed with junk food is doubly bad. It can make us feel full, but after lunch or breakfast that kind of meals will make you feel like you need energy again and you won´t be available to seize the day as we should.

“So instead of ingesting junk food try to go for a healthy meal, like salads, salmon, even sushi, fruits and oats!”

No.4 Checking out Instagram or Snapchat more than once a day:

Above all these social networks, but others like Facebook and Twitter as well. Yoram Yasur Blume: “The truth is that they take away time to enjoy other small things, which are essential for your well-being and happiness”. Try to moderate your use and you will realize what I tell you!

These habits can complicate life and day to day. These sounds may even un-consciously stress you out, and no one wants that. You got it? It is easy to remove, let’s get to work!

Yoram Yasur Blume: What happens to your body when you stop eating meat?


Yoram Yasur Blume | Some people are very reluctant to the elimination of meat in their diet. Mainly because animal protein has been historically and culturally one of the edges of a balanced diet.

Anyway, more and more people choose to restrict their consumption, either by environmental or health issues.

And believe it or not, leaving aside animal meat can have many advantages in the functioning of your body and would not be bad to know them.

(Even though you know you can not contain these irremediable. Like eating a hamburger when you finish reading this)

Maybe you’ll lose weight:

According to a study by George Washington University. Most people who left the animal flesh lost about 4.5 kilos in less than a year.

What is important to note here it is that if a person suffers from obesity problems. Perhaps the key is to give up animal meat and other sources of protein such as:

  • soy
  • tofu
  • and legumes.

The only drawback here it is that many vegetarians suffer from increased swelling at first. Because they increase the consumption of vegetables and beans.

Digestive benefits:

Plus it is likely that the belly is reduced, many studies show that once eliminated the consumption of animal meat numerous microbial effects occur:

a reduction of harmful pathogens and microorganisms increase protection.

In turn, other positive effects for the digestive system of a vegetarian diet are reducing. The risk of diverticular disease and an improvement in traffic.

Not just your stomach:

“One of the most important organs that you also will thank you is your stomach”. Many studies have shown that people who eliminate meat from your diet favor the lowering of cholesterol, which also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the vegetarian diet is also related to reduced blood pressure, reduced risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Cancer far away:

While there is no prevention for cancer is 100% proven, we all know that food can have a big influence. According to studies, at least 30% of cancer cases are related to bad eating habits. The vegetarians tend to reduce the risk of various cancers such as colon (thanks to a high intake of fiber that removes carcinogens digestive tract), stomach, bladder, ovary, among others.

Is this my skin?

Yoram Yasur Blume: “When we make changes in our diet, our skin is the first to react. In this case. Consuming greater amounts of vegetables and fruits packed in vitamin A, C and E.

You’ll help your skin fight free radicals that are usually do you have spots and blackheads”.

Now, there are two aspects that need to be keeping in mind if you are considering saying goodbye to animal flesh.

First of all, the ” conversion ” to vegetarianism has nothing to do with rites or simply too many changes in the way people think. Much less discrimination against those who choose to eat meat.

And secondly, an aspect that any vegetarian should lose sight of is that although this eating style has many benefits and can prevent many diseases.

It is essential that all the nutrients the body requires is always included.

But that is a very simple task, you just have to consult with a nutritionist and this, through various analyzes, will know advise in the best way.

Yoram Yasur Blume: Lactose intolerance


Yoram Yasur Blume | Intolerance to lactose, produced in the body. Of those who in the absence of an enzyme known as lactase have difficulty digesting. The aforementioned lactose or natural sugar found in milk, is a condition suffered by many now a day.

Does that mean we have to push away the milk from our daily diet?

Can we drink milk if we are lactose intolerant?

Fatigue, heaviness, malaise, abdominal distension, nausea or diarrhea.

Are some of the most common symptoms associated with the above-mentioned lactose intolerance. Although official data tells us about the current existence of 34% of the citizens affected by such intolerance. The fact is that only 10% of these cases are diagnosed.

Tests performed in the medical field to detect lactose intolerance. Range from the called breath test for lactose-hydrogen analysis ph present in the stool or tolerance tests to the natural sugar in milk.

Among dairy products that may be easier to digest is included soy milk. Fermented foods such as yogurt, ice cream, or even goat milk products.

However, as we mentioned in previous lines. The fact of being lactose intolerant does not mean we should sacrifice the consumption of milk in our diet. Because it contains nutrients that are necessary for our diet as they are vitamin D, calcium, the protein or riboflavin.

We must not confuse bigotry with allergy to the protein in cow’s milk. Because in the latter case it is necessary to eliminate this type of food from the diet because your body could be the victim of an allergic reaction particularly serious in the digestive tract, respiratory tract or even skin. However, if we talk about intolerance, simply choose lactose-free products.

Benefits of lactose-free milk with vitamin B6:

“An alternative for our organism in order to continue investing in this healthy drink is to give a look at products from different brands.

Like for example lactose free milk enriched with vitamin B6 which we can find in the market”.

In addition to maintaining the pleasant and appealing flavor that characterizes these products, many add to their lactose free milk the lactose enzyme known as lactase which we discussed at the beginning, in charge of splitting the lactose and convert it into simpler sugars, making our bodies digest it more easily.

Benefits of lactose-free milk with vitamin B6:

Indeed, being rich in vitamin B6, lactose free milk is useful to combat the symptoms associated with tiredness or fatigue.

Giving the feeling of increased energy and strength to face each of our daily responsibilities.

Pyridoxine or vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient that besides helping to combat fatigue.

It will be ideal for premenstrual syndrome and complications associated with menstruation morning sickness or pregnancy-related.

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Remember, if you are intolerant, you don’t have to completely give up the milk. With lactose free milk enriched in vitamin B6 and many other products around in the market. You find the help you need to improve your well-being and feel stronger and healthier, using all of these nutrients that are necessary for your day”.

Yoram Yasur Blume: Remedies to cure the blisters


Yoram Yasur Blume | Today we will tell you how to heal some of the most annoying and painful things that can appear in our skin: blisters. A blister is nothing but a lump of skin containing liquid and formed between two of the layers of the skin, the epidermis and dermis.

They usually appear on the hands or feet and are created as a defense mechanism of the skin against aggression, such as a continuous friction with shoes or burns.

Among the remedies that you can use to cure blisters are:

Cornmeal: In the event that you have a burst blister, take cornmeal and mix with honey to make a paste. Then apply it on the affected area to avoid possible infection.

Aloe Vera: This plant will help alleviate the pain caused by inflammation. As is also a natural moisturizer, it will help keep the area moist and therefore it will heal faster. When buying a product containing aloe Vera you have to look at its content as it doesn’t have to contain alcohol.

Against pain: Sometimes the blisters are really painful, to remove that trouble we can take over an ice and rub the area with an ice cube.

Vaseline: This product is quite effective against blisters, but is a bit sticky as it is better to use it at night.

Apple cider vinegar: This liquid contains certain antibacterial properties that thereby prevent getting an infection. As it can itch a little you should use it gently and in small quantities.

Poultice carrot: Grate a carrot and apply it to the affected area. Keep the poultice for about 15 minutes, then remove.

Saltwater: Pour some salt on cold water and then wet a clean cloth and apply it on the blisters.

Tips to avoid blisters:

Blisters often arise because of our own carelessness. Yoram Yasur Blume: “Without intending or simply not paying due attention, we ended up stressing our skin”.

To prevent blisters, follow these tips.

  • Protect your hands with gloves if you’re going to perform an activity involving a continuous rubbing with your hands.
  • Avoid liquids or surfaces that are very hot.
  • Try to use appropriate footwear, not too loose or too tight. It is also advisable to use socks.
  • “We must ensure that we use socks that are cotton or tissue, specific for favoring perspiration and are of our size”.
  • Don’t tighten the shoe laces too much.
  • In addition, we must be cautious so that there are no wrinkles because even a small on can cause friction on that point that results in a blister.

Yoram Yasur Blume: Foods you thought were vegetarian but actually are not


Yoram Yasur Blume | I like vegetables and fruits but I’m not a vegetarian. In addition to beef, chicken and fish. It is that I have an omnivorous diet. I recently learned that some foods that vegetarians always believed where vegetarian are really not, so let´s see what are those!

No.1 Parmesan cheese:
Don’t freak out but what happens is that Parmesan cheese is made with calf rennet. It is that rennet is extracted from the internal mucosa of the fourth chamber of the stomach of a young cow.

I know that may sound a bit rude but the formula to prepare it is so, not at all vegetarian!

No.2 Worcestershire sauce:
Believe it or not, this sauce that had long believed to be vegetarian is not The reason? It is made with anchovies.

Fortunately there are other varieties that are very similar and they don’t have any trace of meat.

No.3 Marshmallows and other sweets:

“Gelatin and marshmallows contain gelatin that is made of collagen derived from skin and bones of animals”.

The same goes for other sweets such as marshmallows or gumdrops colors.

No.4 Figs:
What? Why figs are not vegetarian? If they are fruits! Before you think I’m crazy about this, let me explain. Let’s start with the basics.

When I speak of traces of animals I refer specifically insects, wasps precisely. It happens that the wasps pollinate the figs and often remain inside the fruit. Yoram Yasur Blume: “The wasp dies and removes a protein that comes into contact with the pulp Fig”. As a result we find that we eat figs with traces of insects.

No.5 Low-fat yogurt:

Nor did the low-fat yogurt is a vegetarian. If you think eating this yogurt with berries and honey is the healthiest thing you can do, let me tell you you’re wrong because many yogurts of this type contain gelatin, which has traces of bones and tissues of animals.

Obviously you do not have to be scientific to know that these foods have traces of animals, it’s very difficult to realize!

Unless you know biology, nutrition and chemistry I doubt you’d know that all these foods that you thought are vegetarians actually are not.

Fortunately there are replacements that can be safely eaten. I bet you are thinking right now about what you just read, the same thing happened to me! I didn´t know you will find traces of insects in fig cookies!