There is nothing new to invent, if you want to make brig the best our out your fun, there are some elements that you must have…for example, a good pair or running shoes. And let me remember you, that is not any kind of shoes, you must find special shoes that fits any runner needs. You can go to any sports store and they will recommend the best pair of shoes according to your type of feet. Yoram Yasur Blume: “Don´t go with the trendy styles, choose the ones that make you feel comfortable.”

Get the correct clothes for running.

Remember that cotton is not a good option, because when is wet is too heavy. Prefer clothes specially formulated for running, you can find a lot of options in any sports depot. Make sure to get socks, a cap to protect you from the sun, pair of sunglasses, shorts and the correct underwear.

Never start running without warming up your muscles.

You can do stretches or you can walk for ten minutes before start running, that way you will have your muscles warm, and that will help you avoid injuries. You can also massage your muscles before and after the exercise and keep in mind that in case of injury there are specialized centers to treat your muscles as for example: Sport massage costa rica because running is good way to exercise your body and shouldn’t be bad for you.

Download a good application for keeping your running record.

It could be Runtastic, or Nike Run, both are great options. With those apps you can keep a record of your distance, pace, time, calories, track, and you can evaluate and track your advances. You can find some of those applications for free.

It is great to set goals, but keep realistic ones, otherwise you will get frustrated real quick.

You can have a distance goal, for example…running 10K, or you can set a simpler goal like: run four days a week. It is up to you. Pay attention to your posture and your breath, to run better. Reference: Yoram Yasur.

Do not forget about your playlist!

Prepare a nice and motivating play list to take the music with you while you run! Use different roads, tracks, types of surfaces. An advice from Yoram Yasur Blume: Find a running partner, is very useful to have someone that keeps you on track.

Make running a habit to adopt in your life.

If you like to run, you are a lucky one. You will be able to practice a cardiovascular exercise that is great and entertaining. And the best of all, is that you can run everywhere, no matter where you go, just take your running shoes just in case. Enjoy the ride!

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