Yoram Yasur Blume | Sometimes we don’t get why we have this dry crocodile skin if I put on my moisturizer cream every day?

Well, maybe the problem is on things that we do on a daily basis. But that we don’t have the knowledge of them being a bad thing for our skin.

Put an end to razor burns. A lot of people complain about dryness and irritation just right after shaving.

Sometimes we go directly for the most modern and with the more blades razor. But experts say that if you suffer from that post shave itch or burn you should change to a 3 blade razor.

A 5 blade razor is new, it can cut hair through deep layers of the skin. And if you have sensitive skin it can lead you to ingrown and razor burns.

Shaving creams are a must while shaving, but you should read the fine print on them.

A good advice is to check the ingredients; if one of them is alcohol or fragrance and you have sensitive skin just forget about it.

Instead go for a sensitive skin formula and make sure you use a post shower product with anti-inflammatory ingredients like menthol, urea or lactic acid and you’ll be as smooth as silk.

Ingrown hairs are the worst things ever, to prevent them exfoliate both the night before and the day after you get shaved.

Using a dry skin brush made out of jute, this can sound a little bit intense but is the best exfoliator.

If you still get an ingrown don’t pick at it, just put some cortisone cream 2 times a day for a week.

Grow less hair.

The shaving creams and deodorants that say that they reduce hair growth can actually work.

They have plant-derivate ingredients that can get hair growing finer and lighter. If you have problems with your hair the most effective option is taking Vaniqa only for facial hair.

And please whatever you do, don’t use shower gel or soap as shaving cream.

Some of them contain a lot of perfume and when you use that with a razor it only causes dryness.

Don’t ever dry shave!  That is the worst you can do to your skin! Shaving is already something that will harm your skin.

Because going into your skin with a razor, can be harmful and will usually cause some kind of irritation.

So try to prepare your skin and to use products that will help you reduce the irritation and inflammation.

That will help you with a quick recovery.

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