Yoram Yasur Blume | When we feel we have lost our way, we must remember that we can all change what we do not like if we put our mind and heart to it.

No matter where we stand, chaos can be the best scenario to take back the pieces of our lives and make it work.

Take advantage of the resources we have:

We often think that the circumstances in which we live are preventing our lives from working as it should.

This is because we think only about what we need, and not on what we already have.

We all have what is necessary to take action:

desire, will and perseverance. It is not money or good education that makes us stand out, but those three qualities, are the best power you could have.

We have the power in our lives:

“I can’t” is a phrase that we all say in times of negativity. If we feel powerless, is because we lost that power.

Ask yourself if you are angry about something or someone.

We gave that person our power because we dedicated it our mental and emotional care.

And if we don’t remove that person from our mind, we can’t retrieve our power.

Let go of the old: We can’t have everything at once.

We must choose which we want to stay and that we should drop, whether material or emotional things.

“When we find something heavy to carry, it´s because we are carrying something we no longer need, so we have to let go”.

Improve the thoughts about ourselves:

What we believe about ourselves shapes our lives.

Let’s review those beliefs and remove from our mind the ones that don’t help us be better. So, we will think differently and our self-esteem will grow. Let’s try to be kinder to ourselves.

Predicting the future: Having a clear idea of what we want, attracts thoughts that make us act. Visualizing our future life will instill courage and confidence in us.

Leave the excuses for not acting:

Excuses paralyze us. When we say “it’s not the best time” “I do not have time” or “I need money”, we are already saying is not possible. Yoram Yasur Blume: “Stop having excuses for everything”. Let’s do what we can, but let’s do it now!

Willingness to ask for help:

No one knows everything and can do everything. You have to ask for help when you feel it’s necessary. There will always be someone who can give us their experience and give us light to see things clearly.

To live positively is not enough to think positive:

We also need to be constantly aware of what we do and what we say. We have to live so attentive to ourselves as to the world around us.

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