Yoram Yasur Blume | When you have a problem related with depression or anxiety, the first thing that your doctor is going to recommend you is:

to take antidepressants to control your mood fluctuations.

And for a lot of people, these medicines work great. In fact they feel that antidepressants really changed their life for good!

And it´s true, they are really helpful. Yoram Yasur Blume “But a lot of people feel certain secondary effects that make them think about putting antidepressants away”.

When your body gets used to antidepressants, stopping their intake could be not that easy.

You must do it slowly, not drastically. A friend of mine was explaining to me, that she took antidepressants for five years, after a very deep depression she was suffering.

Of course, the medicine completely changed her life.

She could get her life back, literally. After a while, she decided to stop taking them.

She simply felt she didn´t need the medicine anymore. She successfully overcame her depression, and she was ready to live her life without medication.

So, without thinking it twice, she stopped! She was surprised when she started feeling the symptoms.

Her head was in pain all the time, she felt lazy, like she was having the most terrible hangover! It was just terrible!

So, it is very important to talk to your doctor before deciding to stop taking antidepressants.

The best thing to do is to start taking a lower dose so you can give your body time to get used to it. Never stop taking them from one day to another.

That is why you should talk to your doctor to see what can you expect.

To suddenly stop taking your medication, is not recommended.

And you must know that there is no defined time, every person is different.

“Some people will need a couple of weeks and others will need three or more months to get used to it. So, be patient, and find the best dose for you.”

Is very normal that at the beginning you feel a little weird, if this happens to you, don´t be afraid, your brain has to get used to living without medication.

You can feel dizzy, sleepy, slow, tired. It is okay, and the best you can do is to consult your doctor if you are feeling strange.

Your mood will also feel different. But don´t panic! Is just temporal. As your brain starts to release some hormones, give yourself time to get used to it.

And don’t be afraid, everything will work just fine!

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