Yoram Yasur Blume | What we do immediately after exercise is as important as the exercise itself. Did you have ever considered it? Sometimes, after the gym, we think we “deserve” a dish of delicious food, which is the same gas or drinking water or needing sleep as sleeping any day, when the reality is quite different.

After the exercise we need to adequate to recovery to restore the energy we spend and make our muscles regenerate again, and of course, to allow the effort worthwhile. Ignoring these needs of our body often leads to mistakes. In here we summarize the most common mistakes after exercise.

Drinking electrolyte drinks:

Unless you’ve done intense exercise at least for an hour, the body has not lost enough to have to recover drinking a sports electrolyte drink. The best drink for recovery after exercise is water.

Not recovering:
Imagine your body works like a machine: after working hard, you need fuel to run again. To do this you must drink plenty of water and feed with protein foods and carbohydrates, between 15 minutes and 2 hours after exercise. This is essential to activate muscle regeneration.

Exceeding meals:
Many calories you’ve burned doing exercise and is not justification to throw a plate of junk food at dinner time. While it is normal to take a delicious meal as a reward for the effort made, in fact it is the opposite, it throws overboard all the exercise you did, in a matter of minutes. Yoram Yasur Blume: “Eat healthfully to streamline the effort of physical activity and obviously to see the results”.

Improper night snacks:

Do not ruin your workout minutes to end the day! Everyone usually gets a little hungry at night before going to sleep, hunger satiated mistakenly with sweet, salty snacks and a few other healthy foods. If you have a “fancy” food before going to sleep, eat snacks or healthy snacks such as an apple.

Not getting enough sleep:
After you have fed yourself correctly, try to have a good rest at night. You sleeping well, that is, between seven and eight hours, to recover the energy you’ve spent in the exercise and at the same time, your body produces high levels of growth hormone, which is key to the growth and repair of muscles.

“Now that you know what NOT to do after physical activity, exercise with responsibility to get the most benefits of it.


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