Yoram Yasur Blume | When we injure our skin by a scratch, cut, i.e., we get a wound. Our skin goes through a healing process in which tissues are regenerated covering this lesion to restore integrity to the skin. However, the healing process often depends on several factors. And of course, we always want to speed recovery.

Why sometimes it takes time to close a wound?

The speed with which a wound heals can be affected by several factors, among which we can distinguish the following:

• Poor nutrition: Lack of certain nutrients such as vitamins A, C and Zinc.
• Certain diseases: diabetes, hypertension, obesity and overall metabolic type diseases.
• Age: The skin loses elasticity and its ability to regenerate is usually less.
• Medications: Some drugs can slow down the healing process.
• Smoking: Studies have shown that smoking can worsen the health of the skin and impair its ability to heal because this habit affects blood flow.
• Stress: It can affect the production of collagen and thus delay healing.

Natural Remedies to accelerate healing:

Accelerate the healing process is possible with some natural remedies, however, the following remedies should never be used in recent, open or deep wounds without discussing it with your doctor. It is advisable to apply these remedies only when the healing process has begun.


“Natural honey can promote healing by promoting skin regeneration. Also the product of bees is excellent to prevent infection”. To reap the benefits of honey, you must be sure that it is natural honey, not an imitation, nor adulterated honey.

To treat the wound, it must be cleaned and dried well, once the wound is clean. Apply some honey using a sterile gauze and cover with it, leaving it on.

Aloe Vera:

A plant with many healing properties for the skin, is an excellent remedy to promote wound healing. To use aloe Vera you must cut a piece of the plant and remove the gel or applied directly on the pulp in the wound. Allow to dry and act for about 30 minutes, then rinse the wound. We repeat twice daily.


Onions stimulate blood circulation and can promote healing, and to apply we must prepare onion juice.

Liquefy half an onion with a couple of tablespoons of honey and the resulting paste we will apply in the lesion.

Leaving it on for an hour before removing it with a little water. It is advisable to repeat two to three times during the day.


Chamomile tea is recommended to soothe the skin and can be used to promote wound healing.

However, this remedy should be applied only in wounds whose healing process is advanced.

Prepare a cup of chamomile tea and let cool in the refrigerator preferably, after using a sterile gauze. We apply a way to compress on the wound.


Yoram Yasur Blume: “Garlic components make it an ideal remedy to prevent infections, as it contains natural antibacterial properties. We can make a honey garlic preparation, crushing a clove of garlic with a couple of tablespoons of honey”. Apply honey garlic on the wound and let rest for no more than half an hour. Garlic can be irritating to the skin so it should not be left too long on the treatment area.

White vinegar:

To prevent infection and keep the wound clean we can use white vinegar. Dilute a tablespoon of white vinegar in a quart of water and apply daily with a sterile gauze. This remedy is not recommended for open wounds, but wounds in healing process. You may experience some stinging or itching in the wound when applied.

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