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Yoram Yasur Blume:If we were asked what state we prefer to experience every day of our lives we surely think of happiness and well-being.

Many consider welfare to be linked to external factors (if I take that plane, if I get that job, if that person marries me).

However, well-being can almost be thought of as a skill that, as such, is practiced every day.

If it becomes a habit, sooner or later you will become an expert in it. To achieve this.

Today I would like to tell you 4 keys that will help you live a life full of balance and well-being:

1. Attention:

Yoram Yasur Blume: “A scattered mind is an unhappy mind.” That is the conclusion reached by a group of social psychologists at Harvard. The researchers analyzed the behavior of 2,250 adults. While walking on the street and concluded that they spent 47% of the time distracted.

That is, the time that they should have dedicated to paying attention. In their walk dedicated almost half to anything else. But the truth is that if we paid attention to what we are doing in the present moment not only would avoid problems in the transit. Would also increase our productivity, our attentive listening, and (one of the pillars of well-being) our inner peace.

2. Positive outlook:


“This way of seeing the world has to do with finding the positive side not only to the negative situations that happen to us, but also to those people with whom we do not get along so well or who we would like to have far away”. Numerous investigations affirm, in this sense that carrying out some practices like meditation and being compassionate makes us beings much more kind and generous with our environment and, of course, with ourselves.

3. Resilience:

We cannot deny that we all experience difficult situations and even some that generate a lot of pain. And, given that we cannot modify this type of events. We do have the possibility to change the way we face them. That’s when resilience comes into play: the ability to quickly recover from adversity. Some research shows that people, who tend to recover easily from problems, enjoy greater well-being. But do not rush, resilience is a quality that takes some time to develop completely. So be patient and respect your times.

“If you practice mindfulness and have a positive outlook on life sooner. Or later you will see that you recover very quickly from any adversity”.

Transforming the idea of ​​well-being and turning it into something concrete and daily is a task that belongs to each one and that we cannot delegate to anyone else. It is we who have the key to strengthening and sustaining a life full of harmony and well-being.

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