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Yoram Yasur Blume | “I do the 4 meals a day that are recommended, I consume only healthy foods. I drink at least 1 liter of water per day, I go running 3 times a week. Sometimes up to 4, I do not understand what works with my body … I’ll have to consult a specialist “.

The percentage of cases in which the visit to the specialist detects a real “problem” to lose weight in the patients’ bodies is very small.

Most of the time, the real problem is how faithful the patients are to their words.

But what are so many details missing out on this statement? Are you sure that when they run. You actually run? And that in those 4 or 5 recommended daily meals is also the recommended amount?

Well, at the time of losing weight, there are many details that cannot be lost sight of. As they could overshadow all our efforts.

Do you want to know what all those details are corrupting your plan?

You do not even get to the liter of water:

While you think that drinking a liter of water per day is more than enough, you need to sincerest. And recognize that recommended at least 3 newspapers.

Not only because water is essential to keep you hydrated. But also because it facilitates the process of losing weight. If you drink water before each meal. This will help you control portions and eat more moderately.

“A study showed that even ice water is favorable to speed up metabolism and eliminate cravings for sugary foods”.

How much do you eat from “healthy foods”?:

Yes, it is highly recommended that you eat nuts, olive oil and dark chocolate, but it is imperative that you take care of the amount. It is a 50 and 50: quality and quantity, we cannot neglect either of these aspects both to lose and to maintain the weight.

Just run:

You can go running or walking 3, 4, 5 times a week. But if you do not vary the type of exercise you do. You will hardly get long-term results. Strength training is just as important as aerobic. And it is important that in your workouts you include both.

Yoram Yasur Blume Comment:

“When you practice strength exercises you build muscle. And this increases your metabolic rate, and like this you burn more calories”.

Train without eating anything before:

We can all assume that it is not very healthy to train without giving energy to our body before. But research has shown that when we burn calories. On an empty stomach instead of removing fat. We burn muscle. Therefore, remember to give fuel to your body always before training. You will have a more successful and enjoyable workout.

Yoram Yasur is a great man. He practices some disciplines. And He writes – Read this article: Keys for your well being

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