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Yoram Yasur Blume | With less or greater intensity, we have all fallen into the clutches of anxiety. Mainly in the face of situations that cause us insecurity and uncertainty.

At times it seems that it is impossible to control and it will take over us. But sooner or later it frees us and we tell ourselves that it is time to overcome it. But unfortunately it is not in our hands, is it? What our intuition tells us is that we have to concentrate on conquering it and nothing else.

Perhaps the answer lies in doing the opposite. Many studies have found that resisting our thoughts is counterproductive as they become more and more invasive.

What is anxiet

“Anxiety is a resource of our mind that reiterates something. Something that we have to solve, to remember, that is its function: to draw our attention to a problem or dilemma. That is why the problem is not in the anxiety itself, but in the way it manifests itself”.

# 1 It means that something matters to you:

If something causes us anxiety, it is because we are interested and worried that everything will turn out well. Therefore, if you feel anxious about a certain subject, you can interpret it as really wanting it to work out well and that will be so.

# 2 Recognize it:

If you recognize your anxiety instead of struggling to overcome it, you will be one step ahead. Instead of putting it against you. Try to understand why you feel anxiety at that particular time. Not only will it help you to feel better. But you can also have another perspective of the situation.

# 3 React without reaction:

If you try too hard to beat it and you are looking for all possible alternatives to make it disappear. You are likely to achieve the opposite. They often say that the best way to react is by not reacting and maybe this is the answer to anxiety.

# 4 Think cold:

Yoram Yasur Blume Commentary:

“When you are in a moment of peace and tranquility try to analyze what is what awakens anxiety in you. If you think about it, in fact it will activate the part of your brain that controls. Your thoughts and behavior and so you can be in more control of what happens to you”.

# 5 Make it successful:

When the anxiety tries to invade you accept its presence. And remembers that you are much stronger and that although it is hard. Little by little you will be able to overcome it and use it to your favor. The anxiety is a feeling it cannot hurt you.

Take a position of curiosity and interest regarding how you feel. And you will see how everything flows much better.

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