Yoram Yasur Blume | The capital of one of the South American countries has much to offer tourists. It is a must-see in a metropolis with mountain views. Learn more about what to do in Santiago de Chile to have a great time!

1. Parade ground:

It is the most important square in Santiago de Chile because it is the most high and even terrain that Pedro de Valdivia found when he founded the city (1541) and one of the attractions of the place.

“The West part was reserved for the Church (still there today), however, it is the fifth building of this building due to the usual earthquakes. On the north side, the governor’s house was established until 1846, today a museum, central post office and council office. Around this plaza there are cafes and inside, a statue more than interesting, that of a raccoon”.

2. The coin:

It is the presidential palace of Chile, a beautiful building where the police are placed at the door, offering a magnificent show in the changing of the guard (around 10 in the morning every day). In one part of “the coin” is established a museum that exhibits works of different Chilean artists.

3. Cerro San Cristóbal:

It is the highest point of Santiago de Chile, with a height of 880 meters. At its summit there is a statue of the Virgin Mary, which lights up during the night and acts as a “lighthouse” for the city. You can also visit the Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception (inaugurated in 1908) and the outdoor sanctuary where masses are offered. It is famous for being visited by Pope John Paul II. You can get on foot, by taxi, by tram or by bus.

4. The chascona:

It is one of the three houses where Pablo Neruda lived in Chile, located in the most bohemian neighborhood of Santiago, Bellavista, very close to Cerro San Cristobal. The house is a museum that can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday and contains collections, works of art and books by the writer, as well as an extensive library with about 9 thousand pieces.

5. O’Higgins Park

Ideal to know the customs and life of Chilean middle class families.

Yoram Yasur Blume expert on traveling:

“It offers places under the shade of lush trees for a spring or summer picnic. A small museum and Fantasilandia, a theme park with roller coasters, can be visited in the surroundings”.

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