Yoram Yasur Blume : Cell phones are indispensable for us. And in front of the notorious increase of its use, the specialists have several recommendations to give us about where we should not keep them. Keep reading what YoramYasur Blume has to say.

– In the bra:

Yoram Yasur Blume : In recent years, the rumor that cell phones can promote breast cancer has been haunting the Internet. So far, there is still controversy surrounding this claim. In any case, it is a good idea not to carry the cell phone in the bra, at least as a prevention.

On one hand, there are those who affirm that cell phones have that capacity, since they work through radio frequencies. As noted by some doctors, the erratic nature of their signal gives them the ability to interrupt DNA repair.

Yoram Yasur Blume : However, the American Cancer Society says that since the radio waves of cell phones are not ionizing, they do not have enough energy to cause cancer. For its part, the World Health Organization states that there is no connection between these 2 variables, although more studies are still needed.

– In the pocket of the pants:

According to the results of this study of the Technion University, in Haifa, Israel, carrying the phone in the front pocket of the pants causes the quantity and quality of men’s sperm to decrease. For Professor Martha Dirnfeld, this could be caused “by heating the sperm from the telephone and electromagnetic activity.”

Yoram Yasur Blume : On the other hand, the results of an analysis of 185 related studies indicated that the amount of men’s sperm had decreased in the last 40 years in rich countries. The explanation, then, had to do with the food chemists. Could it be that cell phones also played a role in that decline?

– In the pocket of the shirt:

YoramYasur Blume: “As the cardiologist Joel Kahn indicates for the mindbodygreen magazine, it is preferable to keep the cell phone as far away from the body as possible. Until now, the relationship between cell phones with the heart has not been sufficiently studied to rule out possible effects”.

Cell phones can be harmful in several different ways, from increasing cholesterol or blood pressure to heart rhythm disorders.

– In bed:

YoramYasur Blume: “As we know for a long time, artificial light works in our brains as a sign that it is not yet time to sleep, since it is not dark. In this sense, not only do we need to turn off the television to sleep well, but also not to carry the cell phone with us, especially to avoid insomnia”.

On the other hand, there are numerous cases of phones that have exploded in bed. This is because many people fall asleep with the phone connected to the charger and even put it under the pillow. This is a bad combination, since the phone overheats even more than normal and can reach dangerous temperatures.

– In the baby car:

Many mothers or fathers carry the phone in the baby’s car at the time of going for a walk. This is not a good idea considering that babies are much more sensitive than adults. While we do not know exactly what dangers a phone carries in an adult, we know that they will be greater if the phone is near an infant or a child.

In this regard, Dr. Lloyd Morgan warns: “Children and unborn babies face an increased risk of bodily harm because of radio microwaves emitted by wireless devices.”

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