Kojic acid is a component that arises from different types of fungi and is often used in the food industry as a natural preservative. It is also used as a cosmetic product. In addition to these uses, kojic acid has many health benefits. Yoram Yasur Blume wants you to understand what Kojic acid is for and how it is used to improve the health of those who use it.


What is it for?

Kojic acid is used in different beauty products to lighten the skin. In addition, it is part of sunscreens and creams that treat burns from sun damage, scars and age spots. Yoram Yasur Blume explains that what happens is that this acid blocks the production of melanin and prevents its formation.


In this way you get a lighter skin, without spots or other similar imperfections. Any product that contains kojic acid can be used on the hands, face and other parts of the body, as long as its concentration does not exceed 4%.


What are the benefits of kojic acid?

This acid has a series of benefits with respect to the health and beauty of the skin, because it has a marked anti-aging effect by reducing dark spots caused by age. It is also used to treat melasma, which is the darkening of the skin during pregnancy.


Yoram Yasur Blume explains that another benefit is the reduction and discoloration of the scars. For example, if you had some type of accident and it left marks, the kojic acid will reduce them until they disappear. That is to say, it does not diminish its thickness, but it disguises them with the skin.


Kojic acid kills fungi. It is known to be useful in preventing athlete’s foot or yeast diseases, which usually attack in humid and hot places. Another benefit is the antibacterial effect, which helps reduce the chances of developing infections from bacteria that can be on the skin.


It is safe?

If it is used in the recommended doses, that is, in a number that does not exceed 4% concentration, it does not bring any negative consequences. However, if that percentage is exceeded, it can bring some skin problems.


As you can see, while kojic acid is not a well-known substance, it can bring great benefits for the skin. Check with your dermatologist to see if he or she advises you and if you can, look for creams that contain it. Dare to try this and see the effects withy our own eyes!

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