Yoram Yasur Blume: Street training

There are no excuses! You need very little to turn your city into a magnificent circuit that allows you to train on the street combining aerobic and strength exercises. Going for a run, interspersing squats, dominated or funds in your routine is easy to take advantage of the urban fabric itself, but it is advisable to follow a series of tips to make your training as effective as it is safe.

Yoram Yasur Blume: There are many people who decide to do their training in the street, without depending on established schedules and without having to travel to the gym to exercise. In the city, in the area where you live, surely you have some appropriate space to get in shape: a park, a mall, a plaza… they are perfect places to run at your own pace and to find some “machines” like a bank, the swing bar, a step or a raised curb that little they have to envy to those of the gym.

If you feel like it, take the test and you will see that more people are aiming to practice urban sport doing a complete Street workout, a “street” training, super dynamic that will also allow you to know better where you live.

The keys to a good street workout

To take advantage of your training in the city it is important to follow a series of tips for training outdoors, so that you get a very complete exercise and also with total safety:

– Establish various routes

Yoram Yasur Blume: Just as you plan your session in the gym, if you train in the street it is essential to establish your route before doing the different exercises. Take a look around you and design your own circuit, in which you may include, perhaps, a large avenue through which to run safely, some street on a slope or with stairs to intensify the effort, a park, in which you can find different elements that help you to train…

Point out some point that is ideal for a short break, look at possible obstacles (subways, construction sites, heavy traffic, crowds… and do not forget to have the time you will have to spend on the way back, also exercising , or just taking a relaxing walk.

– Do a varied training

Yoram Yasur Blume: Take advantage of all the possibilities offered by street training and combine running minutes with other options: stretching and leg extensions taking advantage of a fence or railing, strides, squats, a bit of stepping on a curb, some background, isometric exercises leaning on any wall … if you want, take a jump rope and take a few jumps to discharge energy. Planning different routines with what you find on your tour is simple and also allows you to do sports enjoying the outdoors.

– Consider the temperatures and hours of the day

Common sense that is not lacking when training outdoors. Wear appropriate clothing according to the weather: rain jacket if it rains, light clothing, something to cover the head and sun protection if the heat squeezes, etc. If you train in the street in the early hours or when it is getting dark, a reflective garment is a safety item that you should wear.

– Don’t forget water

It is something elementary. You will be doing sports on the street and you may not have a fountain or a bar on hand, so the water bottle should accompany you on your tour. When you’re done, a handful of nuts or an energy bar can be the ideal reward for your effort.

– Gadgets that can come in handy

Yoram Yasur Blume: An activity bracelet or a smartwatch are excellent complements to accompany you in your urban training by providing information on the kilometers traveled, calories consumed, heart rate… Also, you have practical personal training apps, to download and carry on your mobile, with which you will find Very easy to plan your training days and keep track of each session. If you want, headphones appropriate for the sport can make your training in the street more enjoyable but remember that it is not always convenient to take them with the music to the fullest. This is a safety issue, especially in areas with heavy traffic of vehicles or people, although the decision is yours.

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