YORAM YASUR BLUME: Extreme sports you can practice without being a professional

Yoram Yasur Blume: Extreme sports have a very special number of fans. It is clear that they are not for everyone, but many venture to try them thinking about the adrenaline rush that can make them feel. Are you one of them? Would you like to try but think it is complicated? Well, with this list of extreme sports that you can practice without being professional, you may be encouraged!

The most demanded extreme sports

Are you ready for the adventure? Although many think that risk sports are only for professionals, there are many that you can do with the help of a professional. Let’s try them!

Zip line

Yoram Yasur Blume: A few years ago, the longest zip line in the world that crosses several kilometers of mountains and that takes about six minutes to reach the other end was opened in Dubai. Would you throw yourself for her?

On YouTube and other networks you can watch videos of people who ventured to it without being experts and without even being fit. And why not? You will always be controlled on both sides and can come to your aid if you need it. Of course, the one in Dubai may be exaggerated to begin with, but you could do it for a smaller one …


Yoram Yasur Blume: Skydiving is one of those extreme sports that is only recommended for the brave. Would you dare to try it? Well, you just have to hire a class with an expert, get on the plane and decide: will you throw yourself alone or with your teacher? The rest is to drop!


Are you passionate about motorcycles? Then try to get on one and make incredible leaps with her. Of course, before doing so they will give you some basic notions and you will do your practices in less dangerous terrain. But if you dare and practice, you will soon do it like a professional.

Bungee jumping

Yoram Yasur Blume: Since it became fashionable, there have been many brave people who have ventured into bungee jumping. Will you be one of them? One of the advantages of this sport is that you can choose the landscape in which to do it. A mountain, a bridge or even some amusement parks.

Fly in a balloon

Although it is not a risk sport in itself, many consider it as such, since being on the heights is already an experience of vertigo! Well, it is one of the most pleasant activities you can live, relaxing but risky. A perfect combination to release tensions. We already want to try it!


Parkour has become the most street risk sport in the world. It consists of moving around the cities by jumping and doing acrobatics. The goal is for the feet to touch the ground as little as possible. Thanks to these movements you can take shortcuts and arrive ahead of schedule wherever we go. No public transportation!

Of course, you can start but to get visible results, you will have to be very fit.


Who does not relax the sea? Imagine being immersed in it enjoying wonderful animals and unsurpassed landscapes. You can hire the activity in different companies, although you will always be accompanied by a professional and they will tell you what to do in case of emergency. However, if you want to enjoy this unique experience, breathe, relax and enjoy.


Also in the rivers you can practice extreme sports. Canyoning consists of descending the course of a river while obstacles are dodged and climbing is done. A bit of everything! And also, a perfect activity to avoid the summer heat. Relaxing and full of adventure, thanks to the natural environment that surrounds these landscapes.


Anyone who believes that surfing is only for professionals is wrong. Anyone can practice it, although yes, after taking some classes. Although something starts, don’t you think? You will not need to have a table, as the price of the classes includes the rent. For the rest, you only need attitude and disposition. You have it? Well, surf!

Yoram Yasur Blume: Adrenaline rises are one of the most pleasant sensations known. And that is precisely why extreme sports are in fashion. If you have that thorn in trying some, you know that there are many for those who do not need to be professional.

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