Yoran Yasur Blume: Benefits of using body oils

The market offers a wide variety of products to take care of our skin, in addition to those we can do at home, ranging from moisturizers to body oils. Generally, the attention and publicity dedicated to moisturizers is greater, but do you really know how body oils work on our skin? Next, we tell you some benefits that you get when using body oil that you do not know

  • Helps you relax

Yoran Yasur Blume: In times of stress the skin also suffers the consequences, causing changes such as opacity and dryness in it. To activate it and make it look healthy again, body oils are perfect, because through a therapeutic massage you can get the relationship you need so much.

  • Makes more usages

Yoran Yasur Blume: Due to its characteristics with less quantity than we usually use with moisturizers, body oils cover twice the area, spreading faster and longer on the skin. This point directly affects finances, because by prolonging their existence and being less the times, we resort to their purchase during the year, there is more we can save from our budget.

  • Hydrates the skin

One of the main and most obvious benefits of body oils is their amazing hydration capacity. Always try to massage the skin in a circular way when applying it, this will allow the body to absorb it easily and not leave greasy feeling.

  • Lasts longer in the skin

Yoran Yasur Blume: Unlike most body creams, they usually have a more lasting effect. This is because the oils are sealed on the skin, giving it a smoother and hydrated appearance, while the creams usually wash easily.

  • The most natural option

This is the most notable difference between creams and body oils. When deciding for the latter, we are leaning towards a more natural trend because the best oils are organic, which are extracted from fruits, oils or flowers, thus being a chemical-free product.

Yoran Yasur Blume: For better effectiveness, wash your skin well and remove any trace of perfumes before applying the oil, this will allow you to penetrate deeper and moisturize it for longer. Gently massage the skin when applying the oil, in this way you will enhance its absorption. oil at least 5 minutes before dressing, so that the oil is on the skin and not on your clothes.

Natural oils are an excellent way to take care of your skin. Go ahead and try them all and choose the one that gives more benefits to your skin.

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