Yoram Yasur Blume: Best supplements before, during and after training

Nutritional supplements can be the best supplement to training when it comes to gaining muscle or losing weight, but we cannot simply take supplements. First, it is essential that along with daily exercise and supplements you follow a diet and rest well; and second, we must differentiate between those we take before and after training, since not all have the same function, and know what we take. For example, before taking amino acids, you need to have good information about BCAAs, just like with shakes or creatine.

Supplements for before training

Without a doubt, the big star before training is amino acids. There are different classes of amino acids, each with its function, but they will be very useful for us when training. For example, taurine helps us in muscle contraction, improving performance and reducing fatigue; BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) go directly to the muscle, helping the muscle to grow.

Yoram Yasur Blume: Another very popular pre-workout supplement is caffeine. How many times have you seen athletes of all levels, amateurs, and elite professionals, drink an energy drink before competing? As long as we take it in moderate doses, caffeine helps us to concentrate better, improve the coordination and fluidity of our movements and delay the onset of fatigue. Finally, vitamin E is an excellent muscle protector that we should also take before training.

It may surprise you, but here we should also include proteins. Although it is usual to drink protein shakes after training, we have to recharge the body’s energy throughout the day, hence the importance of taking protein before training. Thus, the body will be able to assimilate all the nutrients well and your performance will improve since not only is the dreaded appearance of fatigue delayed, but the risk of suffering any muscle injury is also reduced.

Post-workout supplements

Yoram Yasur Blume: We have already finished training, and again we can use proteins to replenish energy levels, either in the form of a supplement or better still, foods rich in protein. But beyond proteins, we can turn to amino acids such as glutamine, which promotes muscle recovery. Just add a small dose of glutamine to our post-workout shake to get the most of its benefits, including the prevention of pre-workout syndrome.

We cannot overlook fast digesting carbohydrates. They serve to quickly bring carbohydrates into the muscles, stimulating insulin production and in turn stimulating muscle glycogen production. This is something that we cannot achieve with slowly assimilated carbohydrates such as those provided by fruit or oats. They are ideal for athletes with a high training volume, since they allow the energy tanks to be refilled much earlier, favoring recovery for the next session.

Creatine: before, during and after training

Yoram Yasur Blume: Along with amino acids and proteins, one of the best-known supplements is creatine, which should be taken before, during and after training. It helps us to get more energy, more strength and therefore better performance and better muscle growth. Of course, when taking creatine it must be borne in mind that over time it becomes less effective, so every three months it is advisable to go for 30 days without taking it to start the cycle again in the fifth month and to be again effective.

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