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Yoram Yasur said Every single mind is different

Some people prefer to do the small stuff before, and leave the most difficult task for last.
I prefer the opposite. Yoram Yasur preference is to finish the most difficult task first, and then just relax and work on the other tasks, the ones that are more easy for me.
But, every single mind is different and each person works differently.
I am talking about what works for me.
But you must evaluate what is best for you.

For centuries the importance of being physically prepared and able to defend yourself and your family has been a key important feature to teach new generations specially men.

Romans said, “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano !”

And they really had a lot of reason, why ? because ancient thinkers had noticed that a good physical activity helps people to be healthy and thus happy, your state of mind changes once you feel good with your body !! That is a fact, and science nowadays had confirmed this several times.  Substances like Endorphins are segregated once you have a long enough physical activity .

Some studies had shown that Endorphins are so good for your health that they can even help you improve your metabolism.

The greek philosopher Thales had a clear vision of this, when he said “He who has a healthy body, a resourceful mind and a docile nature”.

So is very important that you influence your sons and daughters to practice some sport or physical activity in order to keep the balance of body and mind and have better physical and mental health.  In this times of deep technology immersion, where everybody prefers sitting in front of a computer or the commodity of a tablet or telephone reading over a sofa or bed instead of walking over your neighborhood or practice some sort of physical activity; I think is parent responsibility to enforce this activities in our children by telling them or better giving them the example of doing it ourselves.

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